Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Life Bytes I - time for introspection!!!

Life isn't about slogging your buttout to save those extra million bucks in your bank account. Life isn't about how mechanically you place yourself to those it-has-to happen types ongoings like marriage, children, retirement, pension. Life isn't about just keep wishing and praying nothing bad should happen and not to risk it out at all, keep safeguarding and escapism. 

I wonder how certain people are so paranoid about life that they plan for next Fifty years, chalk it out methodically and live in those four bounded walls strictly adhering to what they want in life...and believe me! it works for them!!!

This scares shit out of me!!! as in being stupid, might be I am a good for nothing, messed up, aimless and I don't have a goal in life...I sometimes end up in those sleepless, wide open eyes thoughts or an idiotic never change look on my face about what am I doing?? Am I just drifting with the wind??Will I ever get that sense to plan, execute, succeed whatever expected out of me by this society in next Fifty years?? Well! I am not sure...

I buck up myself saying life is short term goal-setter, its about live-that-moment decisions, its about the small victories and the small battles you win everyday, its about moving on with other options while you lose one. After all Life isn't that bad!!!

Falling in love, liking, connect, care, relations, kisses, hugs, nonsense talks..silly fights..bitching with family friends, reading good or bad, humming songs in shrieking voice, eating fries, watching movies, drinking coffee at a petty shop, giving a treat for no reason, partying, road trips, heavy petting, shopping on gift coupons etc etc and this list never ends...that's life and I am hopeful...

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