Monday, 5 June 2017

Life Bytes II - Choose your career anchor carefully baba😀

It's my birthday month and I am growing one more year wiser.
Today I sit and look back. Last two years were a rollercoaster.
Somethings I left behind. I did some travel. I tasted some bitterness. I tried climbing cliffs differently crisscross zigzag. Then there was that flash light at the end of the tunnel. Miracles do happen and it happened with me. I wonder how but!  Life is now cherry blossom. I have purpose. Its quite meaningful.  I ain't no quit!

Back then I was no exception from workplace bullying. But as Tina Fey says "as long as it doesn't come between me and what I want to do in my life,  I moved on".

I think I fought.  Fought every bit of it till what I could. Be it when my efforts were underrated. Or when there was favour,  insanity,  chaos,  hatredness. I was victim. Monsters inside me asked me to quit - when I was asked to walk out,  when I was called intelligent but not smart,  when I was working hard, when I was expected to spend time in "you know what I mean", when I was compared,  when I was considered as an average mediocre, when false was talked, when conspiracies were made, when lies were told.

I Resist. Spoke. Grew up in Career. I stood as a rebel. But that was not it!  I had to give answers. Answers to my own inner conscious. I had to stand out. I ain't no quit!!! Thus, I just left some things behind.

Now I feel I was smart enough to see varieties in life aftermath. I was smart enough to challenge myself with satisfaction. I was smart enough to be odd. I was smart enough to lower my blood pressure. I was smart enough to stand as a rebel. I was smart enough to have some me time some family time.  Gods were watching.  Omens were blessing.

My priorities are different now. I chose a career anchor against the evens. I prove no one. I feel no regrets.  I am in my Madness.  Struggle.  Freedom. Peace. Away from negativity.

I will rebuck and walk towards the destiny but slowly. I will roar like lioness,  fly like pheonix but slowly. I will grin smile laugh loudly but slowly. I ain't no quit!!! 😀

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